Irina Shayk postpartum photos

Irina Shayk postpartum photos

Irina Shayk postpartum photos

Bradley Cooper under the influence of NZT was able to impregnate Irina Shayk and after the delivery she takes these photos where she shows that she was just as beautiful as before, as if she had downloaded the baby through torrents. Another magazine that nobody is interested in takes advantage of the little press that the Brad-Shayk couple does to show that being a mother is very easy if you are a millionaire and famous.

Irina Shayk fotos despues del parto 1

But the reality is completely different from that fantasy. If it weren’t for the skilled graphic designers or official photo retouchers, the images we see would have a completely different context, they would be more like documentaries of mothers in Africa nursing their children in a natural environment and that it is not socially acceptable for you to excited to see it.

Irina Shayk fotos despues del parto 2

But well, we know that we shouldn’t ruin a beautiful lie with the truth, let’s continue the game and play all our cards so that at some point Irina Shayk ends up doing webcam porn to keep her teeth straight and not starve. It’s not because she’s Russian, it’s because I don’t find her to have any talent, none at all.

Irina Shayk fotos despues del parto 3

Or maybe yes, bathing in the talent of Cristiano Ronaldo and his narcissism, in addition to taking advantage of the sexual weaknesses of Dwayne Johnson to appear in a bad movie about Greek mythology that has nothing to do with Greek mythology. It’s considered a talent now, but they used to be called something else, though I’m not old enough to know that.

Irina Shayk fotos despues del parto 4

You should still know that I don’t advise looking at these photos, because I think it can seriously affect your perception of reality, because it’s only been two months since this model gave birth and it seems that yesterday she left high school being the best on the gymnastics team. This can lead you to believe that having five children for your ugly wife would be a good idea and that after being left without a euro to spend on important things like PlayStation games, she will be left as a young lady worthy of Victoria’s Secret, and that my dear friend , it’s false.

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Irina Shayk fotos despues del parto 6

Irina Shayk fotos despues del parto 7

Irina Shayk fotos despues del parto 8


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